NEW: International Report on Internet Censorship

Published on 25 December 2020 at 11:41

International Report on Internet Censorship

International Focus Programme on Law and Technology

Final Report of the International Legal Research Group on Internet Censorship (eds)

ISBN: 978-94-6240-645-2 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-94-6240-646-9 (e-version)

2 volumes total 1330 pages

Published: 1st of January

Editor in Chief: Sarah Ikast Kristoffersen
Deputy Editor in Chief: Nikola Ćirić
Director for Legal Writing: Fani Dimoska
International Linguistic Editor: Vanya Rakesh
International Technical Editor: Oļegs Sedjakins

The international report on Internet Censorship provides the reader with a comprehensive overview of regulation of freedom of expression online across 24 different European jurisdictions. The report discusses the concept of censorship and its boundaries with the right to information. The report explores regulation of blocking and takedown of internet content, particularly whether specific legislation on the issue exists and if the area is self-regulated in each country. Furthermore, the report includes analyses of the right to be forgotten in each of the participating countries and finally the regulation of the liability of internet intermediaries. Each analysis looks into both existing regulations and policy papers as well as any cases that may exist on the topic.
In addition to the analyses, the report assesses how the legislation regarding blocking and takedown of online content, liability of internet intermediaries and the right to be forgotten will develop in each country over the coming fiveyear period. Finally, the report assesses balancing issues in terms of reaching a balance between allowing freedom of expression online and protecting against online hate speech as well as protecting other rights online.

The report is an excellent tool for students, academics and practitioners who wish to gain an overview of European policies, regulation and case law regarding freedom of expression online. Furthermore, the report serves as a great starting point for further research as it contains tables with translation of relevant legislation, literature and jurisprudence.



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