In the Series; FOOTPRINTS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, third edition published by Wolf Legal Publishers.

  • Volume I – Cultural Diplomacy: Waging War by other Means (Wolf Legal Publishers 2017) – ISBN 9789462404168
  • Volume II – The Illusions of Détente (Wolf Legal Publishers 2017) – ISBN 9789462404175
  • Volume III – Western cooperation: Origins and History (Wolf Legal Publishers 2017) – ISBN 9789462404182 
  • Volume IV – European Unification into the Twenty-First Century (Wolf Legal Publishers 2017) – ISBN 9789462404199
  • Volume V – Neither Justice nor Order: Reflections on the State of the Law of Nations (Wolf Legal Publishers 2017) – ISBN 9789462404205

Special : DE GEEST VAN CHRISTUS LEEFT IN EUROPA. 2013 (BROCHURE 44pagina's). Wolf Legal Publishers.

NEW: GEZIN, WORD WAT JE BENT! Betsaida publishers 2018. 


Published by Sythoff, Martinus Nijhoff, Kluwer Academic Publishers


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In the series: Publications of the John F. Kennedy Institute. Center for Internationals Studies


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By Other Publishers :


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*) editor
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