Poland and the Rule of Law. (2016-09-12)

Attached item, a European Commission recommendation to the current government of Poland, will certainly be discussed in the European Parliament this week. I hope for more wisdom in the EP than has sofar been present in the European Commission. 

The European Union is in deep crisis: the unsolved financial crisis - Northern v. Southern members; the migration crisis - deeply dividing political parties inside most member countries; the Brexit crisis - consequence of political irresponsibility in a major democratic member state; and the external crises EU is incapable of dealing with - Russia, Middle East and the end of US leadership.

It is no good time to attack one of the political parties from our major Central European member state. Poland has shown to be the most successful of the states that entered in 2004.

The "older"members have so far failed to accept Poland as an equal member. The humiliating approach during accession talks is continuing today with respect to the so called rule of law problems. 

The current political problem in Poland must still be seen as a problem of transition from lawless communism to a functioning democracy. PiS is trying to do what previous governments did the other way around. Rather than supporting the present Polish opposition, the EU should try to assist the ruling party and the opposition to jointly find a solution to a common rule of law problem.

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