"But if you are a timid European, you are already a defeated  European - so this option is not the one I recommend. Because today Europe is the thing that protects us from new dangers."

"I think that the momentum that we need to rediscover - and in any case the revival of the European project - will be achieved through the Franco- German partnership".

The quotes are from French President Emmanuel Macron in a discussion, the text of which is attached to this item.

Contrary to the Netherlands, or Poland and Hungary for that matter, "Europe" was not concealed behind petty party politics. It was the issue in the election campaign of Emmanuel Macron that gave him an overwhelming majority. Timidity, Euroscepticism or leaning towards the populist nationalists - as happens in the Netherlands - is not the way to protect us from the new dangers from within and without: Putin, Orban, Erdogan, Trump just to name the most destructive current leaders.

In this situation, Dutch coalition negotiating politicians, speak out in favor of the European project - to be revived through Franco-German partnership. 

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