Post-Truth Forgetfulness (2017-10-10)

Those of us who lived the Cold War, remember Vaclav Havel's forceful article "The Power of the Powerless". It was the story of the Greengrocer who decided to live the lie of the Communist state, by placing their propaganda in the window of his shop. That he and everyone live a lie, does not make the truth go away, but only demoralizes the person who lives an inauthentic life, we read in attached most interesting article. In our so-called post-truth era, we are trying to forget that living the lie, or Bullshit in America today, is bound to produce the same result. When truth and reality are reduced to an opinion, truth and reality do not disappear, they demoralize the person and destroy society. Havel rightly challenged communism as an attempt to replace God by an atheist ideology through which mankind could be fully subjected. Have we forgotten that the so called post-truth era is bound to end the same way? 

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