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A NEVER CLOSER UNION?? (2019-05-23)

On European Election DAYS, "An Ever Closer Union" as written in the Treaties, appears to have been changed into the opposite. It was hoped that Brexit would have resulted in a reaffirmation of the purpose of an ever closer union. As Brexit continues to poison Europe, and the British cannot even agree on how to leave, it looks as if that purpose has been abandoned. With the exception of French President Macron, no leader any longer dares to reaffirm that purpose - hoping this way to prevent the European voters to turn to the populists. It will not work that way. I sincerely hope that these days, European voters will be less coward and more forward looking than most of their governments: Europe needs an ever closer union to survive in peace.

I attach the Epilogue to the third edition of my European Unification Into the Twenty First Century to remind Europeans of the history. What is broken or failure, needs to be repaired not discarded.

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