Former EU President Donald TUSK (2019-12-11)

Donald Tusk, former Solidarnosc activist, former Prime Minister of Poland, completed his term as President of the European Council last month. I attach the text of his keynote speech at the Opening of the 2019/2020 academic year at the College of Europe.

Donald Tusk is a true and forceful European. In his speech he made it quite clear and he substantially contributed to keeping the unity in times of crises. Obviously he is most unhappy about BREXIT. He also takes issue with French President Macron, whose new strategy towards Russia looks very much like Charles de Gaulle's old dreams of French predominance. In a way it is  sad how French and British political leaders continue their nostalgic dreams. They should learn from Donald Tusk; his sense of political reality is based on experience, political courage and vision. Thank you !!

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