The Common Agriculture Policy of the EU has a long history. Its system of hugue subsidies and promoting industrialization - that is large agricultural firms - originated in the 1960's when we had the European Economic Community of the Six (France, Germany (Western), Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands). During the transitional period towards a common market (1958-1970), it was President Charled de Gaulle of France, who forced the other members,(through crises and walk outs), to accept the French version of a common agricultural policy, based on common financing,  high subsidies to farmers and high protection against third country farm products.

Attached article from the New York Times reviews some of the consequences of this original French concept, at the time also promoted by the Dutch Commissioner, responsible for the CAP. As we can follow through the sometimes violent demonstrations at present, the Common Agriculture Policy has been turned into a COMMON AGRICULTURE POLLUTION. It pollutes the climate and the European Union herself, as the NYT article tells us.