The criminal downing of Flight MH17 (21-07-2014)

Attached is the statement issued by the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, referred to in the Dutch Daily De Volkskrant. It is quite clear that the airplane was shot down with a Russian ground to air missile from rebel held territory in Eastern Ukraine. It is high time for all our politicians to call a spade a spade. Russian President Putin is to be held responsible for providing the rebels with advanced weapon systems and with training to use them. The rebels and Russia are massively trying to cover up all evidence, massively violating the corpses of the victims of the crash and consistently preventing international missions to carry out their sad tasks. This must be stopped, if only out of respect for the 298 innocent victims .... among them one of my former brilliant colleagues from Tilburg Law School Willem Witteveen. I pray for his eternal rest, for his wife and daughter and the others.

Further evidence, received through the black boxes and the examination of the wreckage confirm the conclusion advanced by  U.S. intelligence. 

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