Turkish Cynicism (04-08-2015)

The Turkish request for a NATO meeting was a cynic move. NATO's response was utterly weak and dangerously wrong. Under the pretext of joining the anti-IS alliance, the Turkish government in fact reopened the war against the Kurds. Kurdish targets in Iran and Syria are heavily attacked, IS targets are hardly touched. NATO expressed support and solidarity for the Turkish fight against terrorism, the attacks on the Kurds were not mentioned at all.NATO members should have been aware of two things: (1) Turkey continues to give covert support to IS; (2) Attacking the Kurds is meant to outlaw the HDP (the Kurdish Democratic Party). Erdogan lost the majority in the June elections as a result of the HDP's victory. Turkey does not merit solidarity for its current policies.

Appeasement towards Turkey has a long and sad history. Please read in volumes three and five of my series "Footprints of the Twentieth Century" : Chapter I.1 of Western Cooperation and chapters 2 and 6 of "Neither Justice nr Order.". In 1920 and 1923 the West signed two peace treaties with Turkey. In the Treaty of Sèvres (1920) Turkey promised autonomy to Kurdistan (art.62-64). In the Treaty of Lausanne (1923) Kurdistan (and Armenia) had disappeared. Ever since Turkey denied self-determination to the Kurds. The peace-process of the last few years looked hopeful but has now been crushed again.   

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