Attached are the conclusions of the NATO Summit held in Warsaw. The list of conclusions reads like "déja vue"; a very long statement, full of well-known intentions repeated. Most interesting part concerns the few steps agreed to take forward defence and deterrence in the new member states seriously. Still the political backgroud is stormy and turbulent. Populism is on the rise everywhere, exploited shamelessly by unscrupulous politicians and intellectuals .

U.S. leadership -, the backbone of the Alliance - is seriously weakened by  deep polarisation inside America. This American crisis is worsening in the runup to the presidential elections of November. From Latin American examples, the Democratic Party should have learned that choosing the wife of a former president as presidential candidate is an unwise gamble. Great democracies could have learned that dynasties may work in monarchies, but are bad for democracies. On the Republican side the choice of Donald Trump is a straitforward disaster. Someone, who has no experience and no program, but has won only by humiliating, criminalising and demonising his adversaries is a danger for democracy and the whole alliance. It was absolutely shocking to see how the GOP Convention dealt with Trump.

The European Union goes through a deep and multifaceted crisis: the financial crisis, still ongoing; the Brexit crisis, a shame for England and divisive throughout. Last but not least, the migration crisis, we are unlikely to deal with properly.

Finally, Turkey, meant to be a cornerstone in the Alliance against Russia and further in the Middle East, is in deep crisis. When Turkey ceases to be secular and democratic, the country no longer is an asset to allied security.

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