Armistice in Syria? (12-09-2016)

A new US-Russian effort to impose an armistice in the Syrian Civil war, reached last Saturday is not likely to achieve much. I urge readers to read the attached report of Amnesty International; to realize that the war in Syria has made 500.000 casualties in addition to the victims of torture; and to be aware that more than 5 million people are refugees. The impotence of the so called international community is shocking. Instead of bombing, training, sending weapons and giving other military support to one of the fighting parties, diplomats and politicians should have learnt from history that this is not the way to end a civil war. There are no legitimate parties in this civil war, qualified to receive support. The Assad regime has been and is an illegitimate terror regime.The various opposition militia's are no better. Only an international agreement to stop any kind of support to any of the fighting parties might make an armistice effective.

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