"The president’s justifications for leaving the agreement are also just plain

First, contrary to the president’s assertions, America’s hands are not tied and its sovereignty is not compromised by the Paris climate pact. The Paris agreement is an accord, not a treaty, which means it’s voluntary.

The genius (and reality) of the Paris agreement is that it requires no particular policies at all — nor are the emissions targets that countries committed to legally binding.

Trump admitted as much in the Rose Garden, referring to the accord’s “nonbinding” nature. If the president genuinely thinks America’s targets are too onerous, he can simply adjust them (although we believe it would be shortsighted for the administration to do so). There is no need to exit the Paris accord in search of a “better deal.”

Given the voluntary nature of the agreement, pulling out of the Paris deal in a fit of pique is an empty gesture, unless that gesture is meant to be a slap in the face to every single U.S. ally and partner in the world."


The announcement by President Trump to renounce the Paris Climate Agreement is both unnecessary and harmful. As the above quote from the analysis in Foreign Policy - attached to this item - makes clear, there was no need for it. The agreement was voluntary in nature. Trump's message is foolhardy. It announces America's abdication from world leadership, to China!. It has disastrous consequence for the United States and the world. It tells us that we should no longer trust the United States and no one else for that matter.

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