Absurd Theater: G20 (17-07-2017)

The G-20, the name for an annual summit conference among the leaders of the leading countries and the European Union, dominated world news a little more than a week ago, largely because of the violent demonstrations in Hamburg organised by the "Black Bloc" and inspired by  a number of left wing autonomous groups. The conference itself was little more than a multilateral framework for various bilateral encounters. With President Trump from the U.S. there was no chance for more than a compromise of appearances. Trump did not hide his disdain for the conference, to the point of putting his daughter in his conference chair, while conducting bilateral talks elsewhere. 

Absurd theater? I am afraid so. Moving 20 "leaders"with their "courtisanes" and security personnel into one city is a huge and expensive operation, in addition to the police needed to fight the demonstrators, keep order and clean the debris afterwards. As always in such high level meetings, the final text is made before hand by the officials, with the exception of a few hot items (trade and climate). The leaders could not agree on them. This G-20 at least was not worth the costs. 

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