The title of this entry is taken from the attached excerpts of an interview by President Trump in the New York Times. No witch hunt, just the garbled words and thoughts of the U. President himself. Shocking and sickening to follow the news of the latest U.S. President, a man without any political experience, without a moral compass,without any interest beyond himself. And of course, there has been collusion with the Russians. Nothing wrong with it. Winning an election is like making money in business. Everything is allowed to help you win. Just read the interview and its announcement of the next round of fighting in the White House. Everybody must be loyal to the President, not to the US Constitution or the rule of law. The President himself needs not to be loyal to anybody else. As a consequence he publicly attacks his Attorney General and his new communications director publicly attacks the White House Chief of Staff. Sad, sickening and shameful for American democracy.

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