Jerusalem (2) Capital of Israel (07-12-2017)

Pursuant to my first entry on Jerusalem, this second one has the U.S. Congress Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 as an attachment. Congress at the time and today overwhelmingly supports moving the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. As one can read in the act, the presidential waiver was invoked by all four presidents since 1995 not to implement the act, for reason of executive responsibility in foreign policy. It should not be forgotten that the two-state solution, with a special status for Jerusalem has been tried for decades and failed.

I my self was a member of the Jerusalem Committee from 1978-1993, an informal, international, advisory body to Teddy Kollek, at the time Mayor of Jerusalem. Since those days I have always been in favour of a united Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, with some kind of international agreement with Israel respecting the rights and freedoms of the Palestinian population and the Holy Places for Christians and Muslims. Given the long history of conflicts in the Middle-East, I learned that recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital is a basic condition for peace making in the Middle-East.

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