disruptive, dangerous Russia (17-03-2018)

Attached review published by CNN is telling and shocking. Russian foreign policy under Putin before his re-election as President, is how dictators create foreign enemies to remain in power at home. It is a dangerous game, much more so than the policies of the Soviet Union after the death of Stalin. It is clear that President Putin wants to restore super power status to Russia, not by positive proposals but by disruptive and destructive actions. The use of an extremely lethal nerve gas to eliminate a former Russian spy in an English town is the latest and the worst example of a regime violating every single rule of international law to gain power. The list of violent actions is growing  and the world is becoming a much more dangerous place. American power is declining under a chaotic and unreliable Trump Administration. China has just accepted dictatorial rule. Britain is weakened by the time consuming and senseless Brexit process and the Middle East is in uncontrollable turmoil.

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