AMERICA FIRST: Standing with murder? (24-11-2018)

"STANDING WITH SAUDI ARABIA: America First"  were the title and subtitle of a Statement published by U. S. President Donald Trump on November 20, 2018, attached to this item for the baffled reader. Hence my variation on the official title of the presidential statement. 

To be clear: Given the circumstance that Saudi-Arabia is an absolute monarchy with an ailing king and a powerfull crown prince, there can be no doubt that Jamal Khashoggi was deliberately murdered by a team sent by the crown prince. Standing with the Monarchy in these circumstances can only mean that economic values only are what counts for the America First President.

No further arguments would have been necessary. Nevertheless Trump tried to find some to make his case. They were shockingly ignorant. Saudi Arabia would not gladly withdraw from Yemen and Iran is not fighting over there. The hundred thousands of jobs and the 450 billion dollars are no more than hot air. Khashoggi was neither an enemy of state nor an extremist moslim.

Iran and Saudi Arabia both are supporting terrorism, only for different versions of Islamic terrorism (Shi-te and Sunni). The latter are of the more dangerous variety and more widespread.

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