Can a Puzzle unravel? (12-02-2019)

Attached is the Report written for the 2019 Munich Security Conference, taking place this week and considered to be the security sister of the annual Davos meeting.  This time the report is a very long one with a wealth of graphics and figures. 

Puzzle is the leading theme, but if made should give a clear picture; if still in pieces it shall have to be put together. Pieces can not easily be unravelled. As is often the case with such a report, in times of uncertainties, it starts with an illusion: the past so called liberal world order. What order? The Cold War order? The Western World?

In my latest book : Neither Justice Nor Order? the fifth and final volume of Footprints of the 20th Century, I came to another conclusion, sadly enough. International relations in the American century did not bring us any closer to a decent international legal order. 

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