Trump and Russia (04-09-2020)

Attached interview of Anne Applebaum with a former FBI agent on Trump's relations with the Russian Regime of Putin, makes interesting reading at the time of two major crises:

1. The crisis around the poisoning of Alexej Navalny by one of the most lethal nerve gases (Novitsjok) an act that could have been performed only on order of Putin himself; Don't forget that employing nerve gasses in war is illegal. Using it against your own citizens is no less than a crime against humanity. Obviously the Kremlin surrounds tis serious crime with blatant lies, every time a different one!

2. The crisis around the stealing of the elections in White Russia by Lukashenko, long time president and dictator..There is no doubt that the claim that Lukasjenko had received more than 80% of the votes in the elections is another blatant lie in the tradition of the Soviet Union - a lie by which hundreds of peacefully protesting citizens are arrested at random and tortured in prison, with the support of the same Kremlin, using Novitsjok against its own citizens.

And Washington diverted by a President , who has announced in advance that he is not going to accept the outcome of the Presidential elections in November, in case he is not the victor, keeps quiet. Apparently, the Preident likes Lukashenko's approach to elections as supported by Putin.

Silence in Washington on both crises is no less than complicity.. It may even be worse: under pressure as we can read in the attached interview.

Poor America to tumble itsel into another regime of blatant lies.


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