In President Trump's deeply polarized America, healthy democratic adversaries are degraded to demonized enemies. You can only be an arch-conservative or a left wing anarchist. The nomination of  Prof. Amy Coney Barrett as new Supreme Justice is too easily looked at in this state of mind. Justice Barrett in the Senate hearings wisely evaded answering questions on her opinion on issues likely to come before the Supreme Court.

Take some perspective. in history. Emperor Justinian in the Sixth Century was no bening ruler. We nevertheless owe the CORPUS IURIS CIVILIS - the foundation of our legal system - to him. Emperor Napoleon was no peace-maker, but his Codes of Codification of Civil Law, Penal Law and Criminal Procedure are still with us.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett cannot simply be categorized as an arch conservative Justice. Her record is too good for it. She is Roman Catholic, mother of five and two adopted children from Haiti and a brilliant legal scholar, much liked by her students at Notre Dame University. As in the two historic cases referred to, forget about Trump and congratulate her. As Ian Buruma wrote in Project Syndicate, she will be the sixth (out of nine) catholic justice. Read a little mentioned article she co-authored on Catholic Judges and Capital Punishment.  While truthfully interpreting the US Constitution as she rightly promised, her faith and Catholic morality are bound to inspire her interpretation.

Maybe not easy for her as an "originalist".The majority in the Philadelphia Convention were protestant and free-masons.

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