In the United States voting fraud used to be rampant, but now is an anomaly, as one can read in the attached article from the National Geographic, a very reliable and non-partisan source. 

Trump is poisoning the country by his baseless claims of voter fraud. For no other reason than his pathological narcistic disturbance.That is the tragic personal side, we could ignore and isolate by exiling him to an uninhabited island where he can keep his title "President".

The destructive impact of his baseless claims  affect democracy and all of us. It undermines the very foundations of democracy : free and fair elections, that is uiversal suffrage. The major difference of the 2020 presidential elections with previous ones is that it came much closer to the level of universal suffrage, largely by enabling many potential voters to overcome the "rampant" inequalities in past elections! The true name of Trump's baseless claims is: UNIVERSAL SUFFRAGE, achieved by mail voting in Corona-times. 

Originalists Justices may have a problem. The US Constitution was written by and for the white population, not for the slaves. What used to be rampant in the past were the methods to prevent Afro-Americans, other minorities and poor people from exercising their rights to vote.

The claim of fraud can come only from those who still decline equal rights for all; as such a direct, dangerous and evil attack on democracy. 

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