The International Association of Prosecutors (IAP) is the only worldwide organization of prosecutors. It was established in 1995 and now has more than 183 organizational members from over 177 different countries, representing every continent, as well as many individual members.


Myjer, E. ; Hancock, B. ; Cowdery, N.
Pages: 180 pages
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Published: 07-2008
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058504593

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The U.N. Vienna Declaration of 1993 declared that all human rights and fundamental freedoms are universal, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated and should be promoted and implemented in a fair and equitable manner. The prime responsibility for doing so falls upon States.Prosecutors are agents of States.

The editors Egbert Myjer (Judge of the European Court of Human Rights and Professor of Human Rights at Amsterdam Free University) Barry Hancock (General Counsel of the IAP) and Nicholas Cowdery (president of the IAP) have compiled and edited a major work of great significance and value in the field and should find a place on the shelf of every professional working as "agent of State".

The issues discussed in the book are:
public prosecutor: `human rights on duty`; international human rights law; international standards for the independence of the judiciary and the legal profession; human rights and the right to life; human rights and the investigation of offences; human rights during arrest and pre-trial detention; human rights and pre-trial procedures; human rights and trial procedures; human rights and sentencing; human rights and the treatment of prisoners; administration of criminal justice under states of emergency; human rights and juvenile justice; discrimination in the justice system and equality for women in the administration of justice.

The book is published in cooperation with the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP), which is a non-governmental and non-political organisation. It is the first and only world organisation of prosecutors.

An Analysis of the National Prosecuting Agencies in Ireland, New South Wales (Australia), the Netherlands and Denmark
Hancock, Barry & Jackson, John
Pages: 220 pages
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Published: 07-2008
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058504401

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The International Assocation of Prosecutors (IAP) General Council, Barry Hancock, has worked with John Jackson, Dean and Professor of Criminal Law at the School of Law, Unviersity College Dublin, to develop a method of analysing prosecuting services. This is based on the three major international texts for prosecutors - the United Nations Guidelines for Prosecutors (UN Guidelines), the Council of Europe`s Recommendation Rec(2009)19 of the Commission of MInisters to member states on the role of public prosecution in the criminal justice system (Council of Europe Recommendation) and the IAP Standards. In this book they analyse the natioanl prosecution service of Ireland, New South Wales (Australia), the Netherlands and Denmark.

It is a second volume to the book they published in 2006 listing the national prosecution services of the United Kingdom - the Crown Office in Scotland, the Crown Prosecution Services of England and Wales and the Public Prosecution Service for Northern Ireland.

This Publication will add to the understanding among and co-operation between prosecutors around the world. ReadershipPublic prosecutors, judges and defence practitioners, policy makers and academics

An Analysis of the United Kingdom National Prosecuting Agencies
Barry Hancock, John Jackson
Pages: 215 pages
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Published: 07-2008
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058502087

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This the first book to use the international standards for prosecutors as a method for analysing national prosecution systems and the first full examination of the three UK national prosecuting agencies: the Crown Office and Procurators Fiscal Service in Scotland, the Crown Prosecution Service in England and Wales and the Public Prosecution Service for Northern Ireland.“The result is a new look at prosecution services which should serve as the basis for future research and improve understanding between prosecutors …

The book will be of great importance for all prosecution services which seek to reach higher services.”Henning Fode, President of the International Association of ProsecutorsContents include A full analysis and comparison of the various international instruments relating to prosecutors; a comparison of the different constitutional arrangements governing the UK national prosecuting agencies; separate chapters on each of the services with an historical introduction and an examination of the position, role and decision making of prosecutors within each service; and conclusions.

About the authors
Barry Hancock is a Former Senior Inspector, Crown Prosecution Service of England and Wales and General Counsel of the International Association of Prosecutors.

John Jackson is Professor of Public Law at Queen’s University Belfast.ReadershipPublic prosecutors, judges and defence practitioners, policy makers and academics