September 2020
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the new common how the covid-19 pandemic is transforming society This book presents the scientific views of some fifty experts on the way they think that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting society now and in the years to come. Using the concept of a “common” like in common values, common places, common goods, and common sense, they elaborate on a transition from an old common to a new common. In 31 chapters, the expected shifts are analyzed in major fields like health, education, finance, business, work, and citizenship, applying concepts from law, psychology, economics, sociology, religious studies, and computer science to express their views. Many authors anticipate an acceleration of the digital transformation in the forthcoming years, but at the same, time they argue that a successful shift to a new common can only be achieved by re-valuating life on our planet through strengthening resilience at an individual level and assuming more responsibilities from a societal perspective. With contributions from Emile Aarts, Peter Achterberg, Maurice Adams, Alfred Archer, Sonja Bekker, Daniel Bertram, Leonieke van Boekel, Erik Borgman, Frank Bosman, Carlos de Bourbon de Parme, Johanna Buerkert, Anne Bülow, Colette Cuijpers, Petri Embregts, Sylvester Eijffinger, Hein Fleuren, Hans-Martin von Gaudecker, Paul van Geest, Morag Goodwin, Martijn Groenleer, Odile Heynders, Maarten Horden, Meriam Janssen, Ronald de Jong, Maurits Kaptein, Loes Keijsers, Esther Keymolen, Jan Loffeld, Max Louwerse, Katrien Luijkx, Kenny Meesters, Quita Muis, Michele Nuijten, Phillip Paiement, Robin Pierce, Ioana Pop, Eric Postma, Marie Postma, Corien Prins, Quirine Quirijns, Tim Reeskens, Mirjam van Reisen, Conny Rijken, Bettina Siflinger, Margriet Sitskoorn, Anton Sluijtman, Toine Spapens, Annerieke Stoop, Linnet Taylor, Marjolein Verbiest, Jelte Wicherts, Archibald van Wieringen, Nathan Wildman, Ton Wilthagen.

And I Live On


And I Live On


The Resilience of Rwandan Genocide Survivors of Sexual Violence
Anne-Marie de Brouwer, Sandra Ka Hon Chu, Eef je de Volder & Samer Muscati
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Published: 19-0420
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In the 100 days of genocide that ravaged the small East Central African nation of Rwanda between April and July 1994, approximately 1 million Tutsi and moderate Hutu were killed, and an estimated 250,000 to 500,000 women and girls were raped, as well as an unknown number of men and boys. Almost all Rwandan women who survived the genocide were victims of sexual violence or were profoundly affected by it, and an astounding 70 per cent of survivors are living with hiv.

And I Live On features searing testimonials from Rwandan survivors of the genocide15 and 25 years after the horrific events of 1994. Through their narratives and Samer Muscati’s powerful portraits, these women and one man bear witness to the crimes committed in their country and to the suffering they continue to endure. The testimonials also showcase the survivors’ extraordinary strength, courage and resilience—challenging the stigma they face both as survivors of sexual violence and as people living with hiv. In speaking out, they provide a glimpse into the worlds of survivors living with the genocide’s legacy decades after a conflict. Their stories, along with the accompanying text and illustrations, make an indelible impact.

About the authors

Anne-Marie de Brouwer works in the field of international criminal justice, conflict-related sexual violence, human trafficking and victims’ rights at Impact: Center against Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence in Conflict. She is the co-founder of Mukomeze.

Sandra Ka Hon Chu is the Director of Research and Advocacy at the Canadian hiv/aids Legal Network, where she works on hiv-related human rights issues concerning prisons, drug policy, sex work, women and immigration.

Eefje de Volder is an anthropologist and lawyer working in the field of human trafficking, victims’ rights and conflict-related sexual violence at Impact: Center against Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence in Conflict.

Samer Muscati is a Canadian lawyer, documentary photographer and former journalist. As a senior researcher for Human Rights Watch, he focused on women’s rights in conflict zones. He runs the International Human Rights program at University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law.


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“If the designation of survivor resonates over the miserable label of victim, then these lives that persist, strengthen, must continue to speak, loudly.”

Patricia Viseur Sellers, Special Advisor on Gender to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court and former Gender Legal Advisor for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

“Graphically, and without doubt, this book makes the case that rape is no lesser a crime than murder.”

Lieutenant-General (ret) The Honorable Roméo Dallaire

“Survivors choose to tell their stories in the hope that others will hear. These searing testimonials of inconsolable anguish and awe-inspiring resilience will change you forever and spark you to act to honour dignity.”

Dr. James Orbinski, former international president of Doctors without Borders/msf and author of An Imperfect Offering

“The survivors of unspeakably brutal sexual violence managed to leave their past in the past. They realized it would destroy their future. With incredible strength they managed to live for what today has to offer, not for what the terrible past has taken away. This book tells us how they returned the smiles to their faces and the hope in their hearts.”

Patrick Cammaert, Assistant Secretary-General, Head of UNMHA

“This book is about moving beyond surviving into becoming victors. It reminds us that while their pain and abuse will remain remarkable, their testimonials and current situation is what resilience and courage mean. This is what the commitment to remember, unite and renew yields.”

Dr. Usta Kaitesi, Acting ceo, Rwanda Governance Board

“And I Live On: The Resilience of Rwandan Genocide Survivors of Sexual Violence is an exemplary contribution to genocide studies and advances public understanding of genocide. It is a distinct contribution to many disciplines including genocide studies, sociology, history, conflict resolution and human rights. The book is also a testament to the editors’ and photographer’s vision of the consequential role we all have in contributing to a more compassionate and just world. Pioneering allies
to survivors, they serve as an example to us all.”

Dr. Kimberley Ducey, Associate Professor, The University of Winnipeg


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Was het de piloot, was het de mist of was het de verkeersleider? Het was het allemaal en nog veel meer. En toch is veertig jaar lang de schuld voor de grootste vliegramp aller tijden in de schoenen geschoven van de piloot. Onterecht, zoals dit boek laat zien. De situatie in de laatste minuten voor de ramp was veel complexer dan KLM gezagvoerder Jacob Velhuyzen van Zanten of wie dan ook in de gaten had. Tekort schietende communicatieregels maakten dat iedereen volkomen langs elkaar heen kon praten, zonder dat iemand argwaan kreeg. De verkeersleiders waren afgeleid door een voetbalwedstrijd op de radio waardoor ze onduidelijke instructies gaven. De technische voorzieningen op het vliegveld van Los Rodeos schoten ernstig te kort. En daarom kwam Veldhuyzen van Zanten in de onjuiste veronderstelling dat hij een startvergunning had, en gaf hij gas. Met een overhaaste of autoritaire gezagvoerder had dat allemaal niets te maken. Waarom de verkeersleiders vervolgens niet ingrijpen terwijl ze de motoren van de KLM Jumbo Jet horen brullen, blijft een raadsel. Dit boek zet alle feiten over de vliegramp op Tenerife op een rijtje en zoekt ook buiten de KLM cockpit naar een verklaring. Na veertig jaar wordt daarmee eindelijk het hele verhaal verteld van die noodlottige voorjaarsdag in 1977.