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The Common Agriculture Policy of the EU has a long history. Its system of hugue subsidies and promoting industrialization - that is large agricultural firms - originated in the 1960's when we had the European Economic Community of the Six (France, Germany (Western), Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands). During the transitional period towards a common market (1958-1970), it was President Charled de Gaulle of France, who forced the other members,(through crises and walk outs), to accept the French version of a common agricultural policy, based on common financing,  high subsidies to farmers and high protection against third country farm products.

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Former EU President Donald TUSK (2019-12-11)

Donald Tusk, former Solidarnosc activist, former Prime Minister of Poland, completed his term as President of the European Council last month. I attach the text of his keynote speech at the Opening of the 2019/2020 academic year at the College of Europe.

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In my country, the Netherlands, we are remembering the long story of liberation from Nazi-German occupation 75 years ago - it truly was a liberation. When the Soviets liberated  the countries of Central and Eastern Europe from Nazi-occupation, their so-called liberation  would be just another long era of repression. Gyorgy Konrad, my age, died recently and I attach a very moving and pertinent memory to his life.  For him and his Central European co-citizens, liberation came only in 1989 just 30 years ago. Hungary, at best, is still dreaming its way to true democracy.

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ENDLESS BREXIT (2019-07-23)

The attached checklist from BBC News - Why Brexit did not happen - is useful reading. At first glance, the ten reasons why it did not happen still apply after  Boris Johnson managed to grab the Conservative Party leadership and 10 Downing Street. Unpredictable Boris Johnson might produce a surprise ; the EU might just collectively be fed up with Brexit. Whereas mendacity rules in London and Washington, the outcome is unknown.

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All  of Europe and 98% of the people of the United Kingdom, AGAIN, have to wait for the verdict of a few old fashioned members of the British Conservative Party, who will be the next Prime Minister! It s again a shamefully undemocratic process holding up solution to the irresponsible and stupid decision to leave the European Union. The outcome most likely means either chaos (no-deal Brexit) or postponement. of the decision. The succession of irresponsible and incapable prime-ministers is a catastrophy for Britain and Europe.

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WAITING FOR BREXIT!! (2019-05-28)

ATTACHED is the Brexit time line up to 23 May 2019 and from 2013. More than six years of internal Conservative Party politics and quarreling while Europe has to wait. It is just a record of blindness, ignorance, arrogance by self-seeking politicians who care about their own position  but not about Europe or the future of the coming generation. The time line is a shocking document and still endless.

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MAJORITIES à la CARTE (2019-05-24)

A former student sent me the attached Blog: How the old "pro-anti"EU framinf becomes obsolete after EU elections." It makes most interesting reading, but it also troubles me.

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A NEVER CLOSER UNION?? (2019-05-23)

On European Election DAYS, "An Ever Closer Union" as written in the Treaties, appears to have been changed into the opposite. It was hoped that Brexit would have resulted in a reaffirmation of the purpose of an ever closer union. As Brexit continues to poison Europe, and the British cannot even agree on how to leave, it looks as if that purpose has been abandoned. With the exception of French President Macron, no leader any longer dares to reaffirm that purpose - hoping this way to prevent the European voters to turn to the populists. It will not work that way. I sincerely hope that these days, European voters will be less coward and more forward looking than most of their governments: Europe needs an ever closer union to survive in peace.

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