2019 Edition



  • Learning in VUCA times ; Fons Leroy
  • Do We Still Need Educational Freedom?; Charles L. Glenn
  • Government monopoly on school textbooks: a quality standard or limitation of pluralism in education?;  Dragoș Alexandru Efrim
  • Budget Savings from Private Primary and Secondary Schools in OECD and Partner Countries; Quentin Wodon
  • The influence of traditional and non-traditional educational models on children’s resilient attitudes, future expectations, and beliefs towards education. Comparative research in Kampala, Uganda; Paulina Santos Alatorre and Firminus Mugumya
  • Why American School Corruption Remains Hidden: Diagnoses and Prescriptions for Reform; Robert Maranto
  • The increasing relevance of Catholic schools: a parental perspective from the secularised Netherlands;  Toke Elshof
  • The Constitutional Protection of the Right to Education in Romania: a proposal for a future revising initiative; Dragoș Alexandru Efrim
  • Creating coherent quality strategies for 21st century school systems; Bill Maxwell
  • Integrating sustainable development into teaching and learning methods; Enakshi Sengupta and Patrick Blessinger
  • Recommendations of the G-STIC 2018 and 2019; Luna Janssen and Inge Willems
  • G-STIC 2018 Program
  • G-STIC 2019 Program