The European Court of Human Rights

One of our partners since a long time is the European Court of Human Rights. Before 2013 we published already some materials for and about the Court and after 2013 we became the official publisher of the ECHR. We published several series about the case-law of the Court as well as separate books and materials. 

Our dream came true to make many Liber Amicorum-books for the Presidents that left the European Court of Human Rights. In those books you can find very interesting articles by legal experts from all over the world.

Below you will find a short list of some of our publications related to the Court.


Landmark cases of the Court


Admissibility Guides

The Practical Guide on Admissibility Criteria describes the conditions of admissibility which an application to the Court must meet. This fourth edition covers case-law up to 28 February 2017 and the stricter procedural conditions for applying to the Court which came into force on that date. Practitioners and prospective applicants should study this Practical Guide carefully before deciding to bring a case.


The official start of the publication of the Reports of Judgments and Decisions

Willem-Jan van der Wolf (managing director of WLP) presents to the President of the ECHR, Dean Spielmann, a special edition of the Reports of Judgments and Decisions. September 2013.