Learning in a Virtual world


Reflections on the Cyberdam research and the development
Harald Warmelink and Igor Mayer (Eds.)
Pages: 107 pages
Shipping Weight: 240 gram
Published: 12-2009
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058504661

Product Description

During the 30-month project Learning in a Virtual World ‘Cyberdam’ was developed and applied extensively within Dutch and Scottish higher education, thanks to funding from the Dutch governmental office ‘Programmabureau Maatschappelijke Sectoren & ICT’.

But what is a virtual world? What is Cyberdam? Why was it developed? Can students at universities learn anything useful by playing in a virtual world like Cyberdam? And if so, what do they actually learn from participating? And how does that work? What do we as teachers need to do to make that happen? Together, the chapters of this book provide answers to these questions.

The authors discuss their experiences with Cyberdam and other virtual worlds, simulations and games.Contributors:Geertje Bekebrede, Kees van Haaster, Paul Maharg, Igor Mayer, Kees de Vey Mestdagh, Emma Nicol and Harald Warmelink