The impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on the Rights to Education in Russia: 1992-2004


Lauwers, G.
Pages: 600 pages
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Published: 05-2005
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058501240

Product Description

The author traces the development of the introduction of European standards on the right to education in Russian legislation. A legal analysis is conducted for the period 1992-2004. The legislative reform is thereby set in the context of Russian history and the present societal context of Russia.

Despite having legislation to cope with the infringements on the right to education, it is argued that implementation in practice has begun but still leaves much to be desired at the eve of 2005. It ends with a review of the reform agenda 2004-2010. Notwithstanding the constitutional guarantees, if legislation is not carried into practical effect, the long-term guarantee of a minimum quality education for each child in Russia remains in doubt.