No person shall be denied the rights to education


Groof, J. de ; Lauwers, G.
Pages: 725 pages
Shipping Weight: 1700 gram
Published: 07-2004
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (hardcover) : 9789058500984

Product Description

All over Europe, governance takes on an increasingly European character, thereby obliging policy makers to comply with the dictates of international and supranational organizations. Although recognizing that the influence of the European Court of Human Rights in education is fairly minor, the high level of compliance with its provisions among signatories is remarkable.

To this end, this book deals with the implementation of the rulings of the EctHR play out in education while seeking both to assess the manner in which signatories implement its provisions and reconcile domestic law with its orders dictates. The key question is whether EctHR case-law could staedily expand and develop into a kind of “Principles of Roman Law” which spread all over Europe, thereby forming the basis of modern European human rights law while contributing to the further development of educational and other legislation in member nations.