Forensic psychiatry in a nutshell


Personal snippets
Karel Oei
Pages: 246 pages
Shipping Weight: 550 gram
Published: 12-2013
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789462400726

Product Description


Snippets, that is the term Karel Oei uses for some of his many contributions to psychiatry in general and forensic psychiatry in particular. Snippets, also called cuttings, chips, bits, fragments or tiny pieces.

The fact that Karel published his contributions to the professional and scientific debate as ‘snippets’ strikingly characterizes his modesty. And that whereas these short texts are often literary gems with interesting (forensic) psychiatric reflections.

All these ‘snippets’ also represent Karel’s versatility as a forensic psychiatrist. These snippets provoke the urge to piece these tiny bits together, to link them. In that sense, the challenge that these snippets pose does Karel justice. His ability and his need to connect are after all great.