Mother-son symbiotic relationship central in perversion and sexual delinquency


A scientific study of the possible consequences of a symbiotic mother-son-relationship not interrupted by the presence of a father figure
K.M. Lehnecke
Pages: 161 pages
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Published: 07-2007
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058502605

Product Description


This in-depth scientific study of sex offenders highlights specific family dynamics. The author found a symbiothic mother-son relationship to play a central role in the development of sexual perversion by young boys. This strong symbiotic attachment leads to social isolation at an early age. Surprising outcome of this study is that most of the sex offenders in this study had been severely bullied and badgered in grade school and high school resulting in their being ousted and isolated by their peers and ultimately bringing about invalidating social coping skills. Being a social outcast, so young in life, had a severe traumatic impact on these boys. It made them psychological prisoners of the very family environment from which they were trying to escape or seperate so that their only safe heaven was in fact the adverse family they came from. The author discribes how this trauma turns into obsessive compulsive aggressive sexualized behaviour.

The case studies portrayed in this book provide the reader with a comprehensive and in depth view of the building blocks of sexual psychopathology and sex offending. They remind us of well known sexual serial killers such as Monte Ralph Rissel who raped 12 and murdered 5 people, Kenneth Bianchi who murdered many women and was himself abused by his mother, John Wayne Gacy who sexually abused and killed many young men, and was himself severely dehumanized and humiliated by his parants. This book explains how detrimental, destructive family dynamics can turn a young boy into an aggressive predator.