European Cooperation against Terrorism


Horvath, O. ; Bremmers, T.
Pages: 110 pages
Shipping Weight: 450 gram
Published: 07-2004
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (hardcover) : 9789058501028

Product Description

The conference with this stirring title was a highly appreciated initiative of ICLN, the international criminal law network, and brought together participants from a multitude of institutions, governments, NGOs and universities from across Europe and beyond, in perhaps the most appropriate premises one can wish for an event with this subject: The peace palace at The Hague. An impressive range of experts was willing to share expertise and insights. During the official sessions, the breaks and the reception, participants sought and found the debate. No cause justifies terrorism. The reader will not find crucial solutions, not to fight terror, nor to take away the probable causes of it. 

The reader however will find challenging ideas to overcome national, legal or cultural hindrances which are a menace to the effective jointly concerted pro-active measures and the identical responses towards terrorism.As such, cooperation in the domains of law enforcement and criminal justice is not a new tool at all. concluding that it is the indispensable key to success in the fight against terrorism is not new either. All actors involved in civil society, the official bodies, non governmental organisations and the media are to overcome their problematic particularities, in order to free civil society of terrorism and its roots.