Arresting war criminals


Publication by the Royal Dutch Constabulary (Koninklijke Marechassee)
Dijk, W.A.M. van ; Hovens, J.L.
Pages: 128 pages
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Published: 07-2007
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058500199

Product Description

With the establishment of the Yugoslav and Rwanda Tribunal the international community was confronted with the problems facing the tribunal in respect of the tracing of suspected war criminals and foremost the great difficulty lying in the fact that this new form of international criminal procedure may well have a public prosecutor, a court of law and a prison, but it has no police force.

If we refer to cases such as those of Dokmanovic, Todorovic and Milosevic, the complexity of the issue of arresting such suspects becomes readily apparent. Firstly, there are major political and institutional issues. Secondly, there are legal problems in the area of the rights of the accused. Thirdly, there are operational difficulties in relation both to the effectiveness of operations and the security of the units involved. Furthermore, in concrete arrest operations it is extremely difficult to uphold, in a well considered manner, all of the legitimate interests which hide behind these issues, problems and difficulties. Not to speak of the possible arrest and problems in future of people like Osama Bin Laden....

In this book several authors discuss many issues which were raised at the conference on the 10th of May 2001 organised by the Royal Dutch Constabulary to emphasise the 25th year of operational readiness of their special forces, the BSB (Brigade Speciale Beveiligingsopdrachten).