Threats and Phantoms of Organises Crime


Corruption and Terrorism
Duyne, P.C. van ; Jager, M. ; Lampe, K. von ; Newel, J.L.l
Pages: 270 pages
Shipping Weight: 550 gram
Published: 07-2004
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058500779

Product Description

In this fourth volume of the European Colloquium Group on Cross-border Crime, expert researchers from Central and Western Europe critically examine these anxieties, the underlying threats and the feasibility of adequate responses. They raise crucial questions, including: how does the ´management of fear´ operate politically, to what extent are we succesful in delineating and penetrating the underlying phenomena, and are we sufficiently aware of the political costs of current strategies to counter organised crime, corruption and terrorism?