ELSA Bilateral Report on Human Trafficking Turkey-Greece Bilateral Legal Research Group on Human Trafficking


December 2019
76 pages
Redacteur: Can Arihan
European Law Students’ Association (ELSA)

ISBN: 9789462405523

Efforts to attain one of the main aims of ELSA, the European Law Students' Assocation, continues with the Bilateral Legal Research Group on Human Trafficking. This publication is meant to contribute to the exchange of experience and knowledge among law students and young lawyers. As the result of the collaboration between ELSA Ankara and Komotini, it shall not surprise the reader that it tackles an issue of great regional significance. Bilateral Legal Research Group on Human Trafficking offers an understandable yet through presentation for its readers.

It starts with the question of defining human trafficking and its victims with an emphasis on its differences from similar concepts such as migrant smuggling. It, then, explains how victims are identified and what the challenges are in this process. Also, it presents the national provisions to be applied as regards the crime of human trafficking with references to case law. Since children and women, too, are subject to this phenomenon, the research does not fall short neither from introducing international and national instruments regarding the protection of these vulnerable groups nor from making recommendations on further steps to be taken for their effective protection. Bearing the endeavours of numerous researches, academics, directors and coordinators this publication shall not fail in familiarizing the reader with the law of Turkish and Greek lands on human trafficking.