International Investment Law


National, Regional and Global Perspectives
Collins C. Ajibo

Auteur(s) : Collins C Ajibo
Uitgeverij: Wolf Legal Publishers
ISBN : 9789462406063
Uitvoering : Paperback
Aantal pagina's : 510
Verschijningsdatum : augustus 2020
Gewicht : 450

The book assesses the principles of international investment law in
contemporary international investment rule-making and the underlying arbitral practice. While delving into the fragmentation in international investment rule-making and the attendant legitimacy challenges, the book proffers options for normative coherence. The analysis transcends the principles and practice of international investment law and contextualises competing norms, namely: environmental sustainability, labour rights, business and human rights, corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.
The book targets students, instructors, practitioners and policy makers in the fields of International Investment Law, International Economic Law, Oil and Gas Law, Petroleum Law and Energy and Natural Resources Law. The extensive coverage of the regulatory frameworks of international investment from national, regional and international perspectives makes the book a vital material for teaching in every university. The book presents complementarities between the principles and practice and offers a roadmap for the future.