New Directions in Competition Law Enforcement


Catalin S. Rusu,
Anne Looijestijn-Clearie,
Marc Veenbrink & Simon Tans (eds)

May 2020
ISBN: 9789462405646

Public and private enforcement of the EU competition law rules have been boosted during the recent years by the adoption of the Private Damages Directive and the ECN+ Directive. It goes without saying that the enhanced focus on private enforcement of the competition law rules will give rise to new challenges. The ECN+ Directive, in its turn, will impact public enforcement at domestic level. The topics tackled in this book range from the importance of establishing compliance programmes, to the various dimensions in which the ECN+ Directive will impact domestic enforcement of the EU competition law rules, to setting enforcement priorities and allocating cases within the European Competition Network, and, last but not least, to correctly contextualising the CJEU’s recent case law on the notion of undertaking in private enforcement proceedings. This book thus touches upon diverse topics which all relate to new directions of competition law enforcement.