Renewable Energy Report


December 2019
International Legal Research Group On Renewable Energy
European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) Publications
ISBN: 9789462405752

The International Legal Research Group on Renewable Energy sets out to analyse regulatory frameworks and renewable energy policies across Europe. It outlines and explains the regulation in both EU Member States and non-EU countries thus allowing for a comparison between EU and non-EU regulation. The purpose of such comparison is to ascertain what measures are being taken on the national and international level. In the report, readers will learn which energy policies each country has adopted and which treaties the countries are party to. In addition, relevant case law will be explained and analysed, thus giving the reader a thorough overview of cases on both national and international level. The report is an excellent tool for students, academics and practitioners who wish to gain an overview of European policies, regulation and case law regarding renewable energy. Furthermore, the report serves as a great starting point for further research as it contains tables with translation of relevant legislation, literature and jurisprudence.