Transculturality, Translations and European Thoughts on Reconciliation


Tetiana Mykhalchuk
ISBN: 9789462404939


The author examines how, in the context of (post-)international crises or situations, and what is the role of unintentional mediators in the processes of reconciliation through the power of shared motifs, images and symbols, as well as literary and cultural co-operational networks and continued textual discourses. In this context the research focuses also on the question of whether and to what extent the history of the transcultural reception of literature (with an example of expressionism, as European transcultural movement) is part of Eastern and Western Europe’s history of cross-cultural interweaving. The interweaving of literary discourses refers to the processes of reception in which artists and writers from different cultures meet through poetry, prose, drama, and film, continuously producing a variety of shared motifs, thereby profoundly questioning various predetermined concepts
of cultural identity differences. Through analysis of European literary texts, the elements of interweaving are inextricably linked to the questions of the essential role of literature in the process of reconciliation, which in turn is connected to other forms of intentional mediation such as the economic power or political strategies of exchange and cultural translation.