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Tangible mais intouchable, la loi du tact, la loi de la loi


The future and futurity of the public-private distinction in the view of the horizontal aplication of fundamental rights.
Walt, J. van der
Pages: 150 pages
Shipping Weight: 400 gram
Published: 07-2003
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058500229

Product Description

In his adapted oration Johan van der Walt, professor at the Rand University in South Africa, mixes three legal fields: Constitutional Law, Philosophy of the Law and History of the Law.

By taking as starting point the distinction between public and private law in view of the changed social and legal developments in South-Africa he sets out to explore by using poetry, legal history and philosophy, the legal connection between human beings, public interest, the inability each other and human dignity. He embroiders in his text all different aspects from fields of law, philosophy, legal history and enlightens this by using poetry of Ingrid Jonker.

The book is a wide quest for the underlying constitutional reform in South Africa and its legal effects on the people in society and in their relationship towards each other.The editing of the book has been done in three languages. In the South-African and English language mainly directed for the use in South-Africa and the international legal world and, as the book is published in The Netherlands, also in Dutch.