Legal semantics


a contribution to the methodology of legal comparison, jurisprudence and legal translation
Marjanne Termorshuizen
Pages: 370 pages
Shipping Weight: 650 gram
Published: 07-2007
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (hardcover) : 9789058503435

Product Description

The subject matter of this work is not simple. It concerns legal theory and semantics, subjects which are rarely taught, at least in the Netherlands. Furthermore the book is multi-disciplinary and this also does not contribute to simplicity. At times like these, where quick and superficial work is preferred, a study such as this can be useful. This is all the more so because it deals with language, the primary tool both for linguistics and the law, and which people utilise in their daily life, but in which they must also express complex and even abstract thoughts. In legal doctrine and concepts one recognizes these constructions of ideas, and their interpretation is indispensable for the practice of law and for the proper understanding of legislation and judicial decisions.

The reader of this book will gain insight into the background of legal interpretation and become better equipped to carry out difficult legal interpretation whether as a legal translator, comparativelawyer or as a judge.