The African Court of Human Rights and Peoples` Rights - Basic documents


S. Fennell, D. Andoni (Eds.)
Pages: 320 pages
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Published: 02-2014
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789462400009

Product Description

The creation of a human rights court for Africa offers significantopportunities to secure a better life for all on the continent. So far,the potential of the African Court of Human Rights and Peoples’ Rights in complementing the protective mandate of the ACommHPR has remained largely unexplored. In the only case submitted to it, the Court correctly — but through an inordinately protracted process — concluded that it did not have jurisdiction to deal with the matter. Thereare several reasons for this dearth of cases. A major reason is thatsome of the States that are most frequently found in violation of theirCharter obligations by the ACommHPR have not yet ratified the AfCHPRProtocol. The ACommHPR can therefore not transfer these cases tothe AfCHPR. Regardless of the lack of cases and power of the court, it is interesting to get a firm understanding of the documents that underly the establishment of the AfCHPR to be able to compare them to already existing courts. The editors have thus tried to complement already existing background materials on (inter)national courts.