Balancing Liberty and Security: the Human Rights Pendulum


L. Hennebel, H. Tigroudja (ed.)
Pages: 300 pages
Shipping Weight: 450 gram
Published: 04-2012
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058507402

Product Description

Balancing Liberty and Security: the Human Rights Pendulum
Ludovic Hennebel & Hélène Tigroudja (eds.)

This collection of essays offers an in-depth analysis of the thorny dialectic between liberty and security in the context of terrorism. International terrorism has challenged the very foundations of the democratic societies and the protection of human rights. In this context, domestic and international institutions - and above all the Courts - were burdened with the significant mission to maintain the strenuous balance between liberty and security. These essays offer the critical views of scholars from several countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, United States of America, Colombia, and Canada) on the responses of democracies to specific terrorism related issues. 

This book is published following a research conducted by the Magna Carta Institute thanks to the financial support of the Delegation of the European Union in Washington D.C., and in partnership with the Artois University (France),  the Institut international des droits de l`homme et de la paix (France), the Faculté Libre de Droit of Lille (France), the Centre de Recherche sur les Relations entre le Risque et le Droit from the Catholic University of Lille (France), and the Ecole Doctorale de Lille 2 (France).