Sexual Offences in international criminal law


D. de Ruiter
Pages: 400 pages
Shipping Weight: 500 gram
Published: 03-2011
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058870964

Product Description


Women are often the targets of sexual violence during armed conflict. In Sierra Leone, Kosovo, Uganda, the former Yugoslavia, and countless other conflicts, women have been subjected to rape, sexual slavery, and other forms of sexual abuse. Sexual violence in conflict can be seen as a challenging and difficult topic. But it is important to finally address sexual violence instead of remaining silence.  The establishment of the ICC is regarded as one step to end the silence. However, these still remain challenges with regard to sexual violence. Sexual offences, especially in times of war, do not know any bounds. Actually no space is safe from attack. Sexual violence can be regarded as an offence that attacks the most intimate parts of the body itself but also of family and community life. With the adoption of the UN Security Resolution 1325 and UN Security Resolution 1820, more attention has been put on the gendered nature of violence. Sexual violence in times of war is regarded as one of the biggest taboos and nowadays people want to have explanations and analysis of this type of criminal offence. It is a difficult task for communities to rebuild the lives of victims of sexual offences and there is no central, harmonized approach for every community to reach that goal. Remedies have to tackle gender inequality which can be seen as one of the root causes of sexual offences. To tackle these roots a combination is required of macro and local efforts, the most important step is to not longer remain silence about this cruel offense, but to finally address and explain the crime of sexual offences and most important to put effort in preventing the crime. This book therefore can be seen as one step in the right direction. It includes the most important documents with regard to sexual offences as a logical  framework.

This material is relevant for anyone working in the field of international criminal law and serves as a valuable tool for students studying in the field of international criminal law.