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The Family Reunification Directive


in EU member States
Groenendijk, Fernhout, van Dam, van Oers, Strik
Pages: 100 pages
Shipping Weight: 250 gram
Published: 07-2006
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058502902

Product Description

In 2003 the EU Council of Ministers adopted a Directive on the right to family reunification for third country nationals living in the EU. By October 2005 Member States should have transposed the Directive in their national legislation. What is the status of implementation of the Directive after the first year? What are the effects of the Directive in the Member States: did it make national laws more liberal or more restrictive? These are questions that will be dealt with in this book.

The Family Reunification Directive is the first major directive on legal migration adopted by the Council of Ministers after the Treaty of Amsterdam entered into force. The experience with the implementation of this Directive gives interesting information on the development of the national policy of the Member States on migration. Moreover, this book provides information relevant for the implementation of other directives on migration, and for the negotiations on proposals for future directives in this field.