Hague Conventions


a compilation of documents
L. de Beer
Pages: 800 pages
Shipping Weight: 850 gram
Published: 01-2011
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789056440343

Product Description

Two international peace conferences were held just before and after the turn of the 20th century at The Hague, the Netherlands. These conferences shaped modern International (Criminal) Law. The Conventions turned out to be the basic principles of the laws of war into a written document agreed to by a Convention of delegates from all over the world. In this publication the most important documents related to this conference are being presented. The book starts with an introduction explaining the importance of the Conferences and conventions on the development of modern International Law. After the full text documents of both conventions there is a list added of signatory and contracting powers of the Hague Conventions and the Martens Clause is introduced. The Martens clause is highly instructive to the debate and tensions surrounding the laws of war.

The results and influence of both Hague conferences on International Law will be described in the second part of this book. The establishing of the Permanent Court of Arbitration is named and both pacific settlements are added. Moreover, the impact of the Geneva Conventions will be discussed and full text documents of those are appended. As a conclusion the dispute regulation, the reduction of armament and Humanitarian (war) Law is reviewed. The development of Humanitarian War Law, started as a core area of (the first) Hague Conference, turned out to be a pillar of today’s International Law.