Laws of War


Selected Documents
C. Tofan & W. van der Wolf (eds.)
Pages: 748 pages
Shipping Weight: 800 gram
Published: 07-2008
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058870551

Product Description

This book is the result of an extensive research on the documents and texts of the last 150 years about this subject. It is an unique collection of documents and background information. Ranging from classical antiquity to the present, we have discussed the legal and cultural regulation of violence in such areas as belligerent rights, the treatment of prisoners and civilians, the observing of truces and immunities, the use of particular weapons, siege warfare, codes of honor and war crimes.

Our book presents a culled selection of the original documents and materials, a possibility to view some documents in the context of their time, the history and the influence and concurrence of international law, national law, custom and science. But above all, it gives the reader insight in the way his ancestors and contemporaries have made this "law of war".

The combination of the various instruments makes this book a perfect reference tool for statesmen and diplomats, members of armed forces and humanitarian organisations, lawyers, journalists and students of international law and international relations.