European law


Selected basic documentspart I, II and III
C. Tofan, W.J. van der Wolf, P.A. van Laar (Eds.)
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Published: 08-2009
Publisher: WLP
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ISBN (softcover) : 9789058506412

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The amount of European legislation grows constantly and seems to be gaining importance on national territories. This document collection provides the reader with an overview of existing legislation in various fields of law.

The first edition of this document collection (three volume set) on European Union Law includes both primary legislation (volume I) and specific European Legislation. Volume II and III consists of legislation in the fields of social policy, competition, consumer protection and IPR and Technology.

The collection is of interest to both practitioners in European Law as well as those who wish to learn more about EU law.

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Volume I 978-90-5850-6412
Volume II 978-90-5850-6429
Volume III 978-90-5850-6436