Human Rights and HIV/AIDS


selected documents
W. van der Wolf, C. Tofan, D. de Ruiter (eds.)
Pages: 630 pages
Shipping Weight: 750 gram
Published: 11-2011
Publisher: WLP
Language: US
ISBN (softcover) : 9789058870483

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HIV threatens more and more people all over the world. As the number of people with HIV and AIDS increases, human rights issues, such as  mandatory HIV-testing; restrictions on international travel; barriers to employment and housing, access to education and more, increase as well. 

The World Health Organization brought the First global response to HIV/AIDS with its introduction of the World Health Assembly Resolution 40.26 on a Global Strategy for the Prevention and Control of AIDS. The World Health Organization is not the only organization which tries to fight HIV/AIDS and the human rights issues resulting from the terrible disease. 

This book describes the way in which different organizations have tried, and continue to fight HIV/AIDS. It includes the most important documents with regard to HIV/AIDS and human rights, and serves as a valuable tool for everyone working or studying in the field of human rights.